Hiring a Residential & Commercial Painting Contractor Can Make a Huge Impact On Your Property

Residential and Commercial Painting Contractor

Residential and commercial painting contractor Indianapolis, Indiana

At Access Property Solutions, we think that painting is the easiest way to make a big difference on the exterior of your home –especially if the painting is done by a Residential and Commercial Painting Contractor. We know you value your home, and we do too! We love sharing our painting tips with you. Whether you have already decided on paint colors, or are just looking for a way to freshen up your home a bit, consider the following reasons of why you should hire a professional exterior painting contractor.

Our professional exterior painting contractors excel in quality residential & commercial painting services in the Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers area.

  • Prep Work

We provide excellent customer service. Sure, you can do it yourself. But, there are some areas of your home you should hire a professional commercial painting services company for and here’s why:

Before painting the exterior of any residential or commercial property Access’ team of professional painters will prep all exterior surfaces prior to beginning the painting process. According to experts from mold removal in Edmonton, Alberta, it’s highly important to check the walls for growing mold before repainting. You can hire a mold removal specialist to conduct a residential mold testing before repainting. Access’ team of professional painters will chemically treat the exterior of your property for mold/algae, then we pressure wash the complete exterior of the home or building removing any dirt, oils and loose flaking and chipping paint. Special tips are used during the pressure washing process to remove the flaking or chipping paint. After the mold remediation and pressure washing is completed Access then has our carpenter begin the removal of any and all rotted and/or damaged siding, trim etc.  and replace with new trim and/or siding, (as needed). This insures your homes exterior paint will last for years and years to come.


  • Safety

Saftey is always a huge concern when painting a multilevel home or commercial building. Our team of professionals are highly trained in high work applications and safety is our #1 priority. Call the experts, dont take a chance!

There are many risks when painting the exterior of any property:

1. Falling off ladders is the #1 cause of death and injuries.

2. Electrical lines and metal ladders are a huge risk, is better to contact residential electrician gold coast first to make the necessary changes, for more information find out more here. 

3. Dropping the paint bucket off the ladder.

4. Most home owners don’t have the proper equipment or expertise to use the equipment.

5. Electrical shock is another danger when painting the exterior of a property or home, make sure Ros Electric check the installation before star. When using power tools and paint sprayers around paint or water you need to be trained to know what to look out for and the proper handling of the equipment to avoid a electrical shock.

6. When painting any exterior your always working with knives, scrapers and many other dangerous tools.

7. Do it yourself home owners typically have no fall protection when working up high and improper equipment and are not insured.

And this is just to mention a few.


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