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Window Cleaning Contractors, Power Washing, Caulking and Other Maintenance items go hand in hand.

The Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial, located in downtown Indianapolis along the banks of the White River Canal, is an outdoor monument comprised of 27 curved glass walls ranging in height of 7-10′. Etched in the glass panels are the names of 3,456 recipients of our country’s highest award for military valor. A narrative of personal stories from the recipients can be heard over the sound system of this uniquely beautiful Memorial.

Access Property Solutions, LLC proudly began providing window cleaning service for the Memorial prior to it’s opening in May 1999 and continue to do so today. As you can see, our window cleaning services aren’t just for windows. We clean and maintain the curved glass walls on a weekly basis so that all who enjoy visiting this impressive site are able to clearly see the names of our brave military etched so carefully into the glass.

Access Property Solutions, LLC has been a part of the Memorial from the beginning, starting with the window cleaning, or in this case the glass cleaning. We have since taken on more of the maintenance tasks required to maintain it’s integrity. Power washing the limestone, concrete and terrazzo brightens and beautifies the Memorial and provides a clean and inviting environment for all who visit. Caulking the joints of those same areas keep a fresh, clean look. Window cleaning, power washing and caulking are often overlooked maintenance items that can make a world of difference when maintaining and beautifying your property. Access provides these services for the Memorial on a regular basis. We also clean the lights and metal areas as well as the speakers from which the recipients voices are heard. Window cleaning is often only part of the job if you’re looking for a truly clean appearance. While working on the Memorial, window cleaning, power washing, caulking, our employees are often thanked by visitors for their hard work in maintaining it’s beauty. This always puts a smile on our face as we are very proud to be a part of this extraordinary Memorial.

Other services we provide for the Memorial are cleaning the dirt, debris and fallen leaves from the area. This, along with the window cleaning (glass cleaning), is provided on a weekly basis at minimum. Access also provides a list of items needing attention to the appropriate people such as broken glass, a faulty speaker or non working lights. We certainly cannot forget the American Flags, an important aspect of this Memorial. We change out the flags accordingly to maintain their integrity as well as lower them to half staff and raise them up when the time of reflection has passed.

As stated previously, window cleaning, power washing, caulking, general cleaning and maintenance all go hand in hand to maintain and beautify your property, home or business. If you have the opportunity, visit the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial in downtown Indianapolis, it is a site to see. And if you’re looking for window cleaning, power washing, caulking or any of the many services we provide, whether you’re in Indianapolis, Geist, Fishers, Carmel, Westfield, Bloomington or any of the surrounding areas, give us a call or fill out our contact form. We take great pride in our work.

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