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Maintaining a leak free commercial or residential property is an important aspect of any home or business. We can apply caulking to control joints, windows, doors, siding, wet sills, concrete, masonry, expansion joints, etc.. If you are looking for a commercial building caulking contractor in Indianapolis or a residential caulking service, Access Property Solutions of Indiana is the company to call. At Access Property Solutions we only use the best commercial grade silicone and urethane caulking and sealants in the business and no other company offers a better restoration warranty. Caulking is extremely important in providing a water tight seal, preventing water leaks, air leaks, and debris from entering your home or building. As is with everything in life, nothing lasts forever and caulk is no exception. Over a period of time caulk will deteriorate and the caulked seals will break down causing serious water damage to your home or commercial property. Any leaks around windows, doors, expansion joints, etc., often times causes mold, foundation, drywall and structural damage and if mold is present you may even become ill etc., and the repairs are NOT cheap. When you notice your caulking joints deteriorating or breaking down or the seals breaking away, this is when it’s time to call the caulking professionals. When this happens new caulk needs to be applied to prevent water leaks and air leaks. This is where Access Property Solutions come in!  The old caulk will need completely removed, (caulk does not stick to caulk) backer rod will need installed into the cavities and new commercial grade silicone or urethane caulk will need to be applied to prevent water damage to your home or business.
At Access Property Solutions our professional caulking and waterproofing crews are some of the finest professional caulkers Indianapolis, Indiana has to offer. Our employees are highly trained professional high rise building specialists with over 90 years of experience in the caulking, water proofing and window cleaning industry. No building or home is too tall or too high for our trained caulkers, water proofing technicians, masonry crews and window washers, and safety is our #1 priority. At APS your satisfaction is guaranteed. All of Access Property Solutions employee’s are trained professionals in every field of service we have to offer, and the best part – we don’t use sub-contractors. When our caulkers, water proofers and/or masonry crews complete your building restoration project on your home or commercial property, our window washing crews will ensure that all dirt, debris, caulk, water proofing sealer residues etc., have been removed from any window glass or window frames that where affected, at NO additional charge.  
Caulking contractor

Professional caulking contractor, Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Shelbyville, Bloomington

When you call Access Property Solutions you can rest assure you’re in good hands. Our team of professionals show up on time and professionally uniformed, clean cut, state of the art equipment and keep you informed every step of the way. We are the experts in residential and commercial caulking, waterproofing and masonry repairs. At APS we do not cut corners, we only use the best commercial grade materials, caulks, sealants, concrete and masonry sealers on the market today for water proofing your concrete, masonry, windows, expansion joints or brick siding for all residential and commercial properties, giving our customers peace of mind for years to come. Access has a 5 star rating on Google and Yelp and for good reason – our reputation, integrity and company success depend on good workmanship and great customer service, our customers satisfaction IS our #1 priority. For a complete list of services offered, click here. Over 60 services provided. No sub-contractors


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At Access Property Solutions we offer several different types of professional caulking services for residential and commercial properties, exterior residential windows, commercial windows, expansion joints, siding, atrium caulking, sidewalks, driveways and so much more! There is a lot of precision that goes into caulking. Professional caulking has several benefits that may be unknown to you. It protects your home or building from the elements and is one of the best ways to cut home energy costs and save you thousands per year in property damage and utility bills. Professional caulking services prevents water leaks and air leaks, but also bridges gaps, hides irregularities, and closes spaces where dirt, bacteria, and insects can enter. This is done mostly by sealing unwanted leaks and exposed joints in homes. Caulking also just enhances the entire cosmetic appearance of a project. When it comes to Caulking we are not new to the business. Our employees are very well trained professionals with years of experience and safety being our number one priority not only for themselves, but for our customers as well. At Access, we believe in forming positive business relationships with our customers. This is done by providing them with the best customer service as well as top-of-the-line caulking and sealant products. Access Property Solutions is completely insured and offer industry leading warranties on our products used and labor performed. This ensures that we are giving our customers nothing but the best.

Our Goal

Here at Access Property Solutions, our goal is to make sure that any caulking work that we do for our customers is done both properly and professionally. Even if a caulking job we do is small, we will ensure that it produces big results for our customers. We are able to do this by spending countless hours training our employees to be industry leading, professional caulking contractors and perfectionists at their craft. Access is the best in the business, guaranteed!

Access Property Solutions Caulking Services:


  • Concrete Sealants
  • Masonry Sealants

Caulk & Sealants

  • Neoguard
  • Tenemec
  • Sika


  • Floor Coating
  • Tank Lining

 Our Professionals strive to be the most professional service company in Indianapolis, Indiana with years of experience. With all this experience under our belt, it has given us the ability to greatly increase our efficiency regarding the performance of the services we offer. Increased efficiency results in lower building maintenance and cheaper utility bills for our customers. At Access, we take pride in presenting a professional image by building our strong relationship with our customers. We service commercial buildings and residential restoration, maintenance and cleaning services, and have the experience to properly care for your property.

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